Private Property Auctioneers: Sell Your House Fast 

In this article we will inform you how to sell your property faster with property auctioneering services. Apollo Auctions has been in the auctioneering business for over fifteen years.  Apollo Auctions focus on selling fixed property on auction.  We have a wide spectrum of expertise in the property market.  We can sell your house on auction, sell your farm on auction or even sell any building on auction with a reserve amount. Through a focused, tailormade marketing campaign, we make sure that we find a suitable buyer for your property.  We also make sure that our buyers are pre-qualified before they bid.

From viewing to the auction, to the signing of the contract, takes place on one day at the convenience of the Seller.  The highest bidder puts down an amount on the day in order to make sure that the Buyer is willing and able.  

The reserve amount is confidential between Apollo Auctions and the Seller.  We will try to obtain the highest price for your property.  Should we not reach the reserve price,  we will present the highest offer to the seller and the seller has 3 days to accept or decline the Offer.

Our experience is auctioneering services in order to sell your property fast.  With a specialized marking campaign, we put your property in the spotlight.  Our priority as auctioneers is in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Centurion, but we operate in and around Gauteng. 

Learn more about Apollo Auctions – About Us 

We are determined to sell your property quickly.    

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